Rotary Peace Project Jean Best

Young People Developing their Culture of Peace

Rotarian Jean Best believes that it is our young people who will ensure peace in the world and we must empower them to tackle this through peaceful conflict resolution, transforming conflict into success.
In June 2014, at the RI Convention in Sydney, Jean and Keith launched their new skills-based ‘Rotary Peace Project’. The project creates school Peace Advocates who develop their leadership capacity to bring about more service in their schools, local communities and the world. Currently they have set up Hubs in Mexico, US, Australia and Germany and the UK.

Rondebosch Boys High School logoMaking a huge difference in the Eastern Cape over seven years
I thought you might be moved by the impact that privileged schools like my Rondebosch state school can have on their disadvantaged peers.

ShelterBox 150x150

Whilst we have been monitoring the situation carefully it is very unlikely ShelterBox will be responding.See below for Alf’s analysis of the criteria from the Operations team. Please let me know if this timely example raises any questions or concerns.

Arnold Bell RFHD



 Arnold gave an interesting presentation on Rotary Family Heath Day outlining what it means to the recipients and how much support is offered by numerous other service organisations and NGOs

   Dave Wilson Number Sense

Dave Wilson gave a very interesting and passionate presentation about our Numeracy Project