A very interesting talk regarding wealth preservation

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Money raised at the breakfast on 12 May 2016 was handed over to the Somerset West Masikhule charity.

Thanks to the Bolander and Julie Kydd for the contribution



Rotarian Richard Saxby reports: Yesterday I attended Day 3 of their holiday programme where ‘Life Skills’ was the theme.

They spent the first session playing Team Building Games. Their participation was enthusiastic with the teamwork results forthcoming.

Then an Architectural company presented how careers in their discipline would provide an exciting career.

I then spoke on lessons learned in my life as a Civil Engineer and ending as the Chief Executive.

Basically explaining the importance of self discipline, projecting a positive approach, demonstrating positive energy creation to ones team.

‘Accountability & Responsibility’    I used a powerful quotation from Nelson Mandela. 

How all of these together with your qualifications moulded a successful team,

Day 4 today was so well organised, to give the Students in Grade 12 an introduction to the Companies who may choose them for University (Tertiary) Studies & ultimately full time Careers, when they complete their schooling at the end of this year.

This organisation (Go for Gold) is so motivated with a small team lead by Bridget Ann Woods & Patti Bruyns. They all generate enthusiasm & student ownership of each his/her own way forward.

Engrossing Career Opportunities


Dear Linda

I have put together a table of funds received from HSRC and where it has been spent and how allocated.  If you need more information, then please just shout.  The actual funds received does not include the books, toys, blankets, bottle tops, tins, etc that we have received from your club members.  We are very grateful for the Gifts in kind too!

Kind regards,


Léanne Keet

(Founding Director)

Thanks to Tracey Fanton and Lesley Wyma for organising the distribution of 150 blankets donated by Tracey from Operation Shoebox.

Photos show ten blankets that were donated to the night shelter in Stellenbosch and Tracey with Past President Linda.

The remaining 120 blankets were given to Zandvliet Home for the Elderly in Macassar and 20 to Hospice.

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