Chip wowed us this morning with her talk, starting with highlighting the discrimination of women in the workplace, starting out  as a journalist many years ago (3 women and 90 men in the same office) At this time women's salaries were around one quarter of that of men's salaries for the same work. Many of her other harrowing experiences were shared and eventually in Tzaneen she met and married Alvin in 1993.

Chip Michie Vocational Talk

Brian de Villiers, Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club President 2016-17 recently sent this email:

Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club would like to express our sincere appreciation to, Mr Ruedi Kull, Head of Common Services, all members and especially the Board of Rotary Club of Zurich-West for the above very generous donation of R158 328,53 to Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club for the Literacy for All project at Silukhanyo Primary School which we received on June 30, 2016 .

A wall of flame will burn forever in my memory, dancing with light, shifting in shadow


By K R Ravindran, President 2015 – 16

British writer and Royal Air Force pilot Roald Dahl was also an avid photographer who carried his beloved Zeiss camera on his many adventures. At a time when each photograph had to be laboriously developed by hand, on film or glass plate negatives, he amassed a collection of hundreds of images. In later years, these photographs served as a visual record of his travels, a way to document his experiences and share them with others. Yet he always spoke of his memories as being far more vivid than the photographs could ever reflect. So many events and experiences, he said, were simply impossible to capture; they could not be adequately conveyed in images or words.

A very interesting talk regarding wealth preservation

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Money raised at the breakfast on 12 May 2016 was handed over to the Somerset West Masikhule charity.

Thanks to the Bolander and Julie Kydd for the contribution