Synopsis of Literacy Talk Tuesday 5 February 2019

This presentation is aimed at informing new Rotarians as well as refreshing and updating the knowledge of existing Rotarians of what our Literacy Project entails. It will cover the following topics:

  •  The Need – A global crisis in Education reflected in South Africa (our sphere of influence). This part will provide you with some statistics (not too many)
  • Challenges confronting present-day teachers
  • Our aim at addressing the need combined with history of what we have done and a brief insight into our levels of success
  • The Goal of our Literacy Programme and why
  • A brief overview of the new approach taken by the new WCED (Western Cape Education Department) Director of Curriculum impacting our way forward
  • How to best take advantage of the new playing field
  • Possible ways of engagement of our club members

We had a very enthusiastic presentation by Haroon Mahomed, the new Chief Director for Curriculum Management and Development for Grades 0 to 12. The three of us came away feeling that he is really serious about partnering with Rotary.

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