Ton Houben reports on a potential new project in Macassar to help uplift the youth working with several NGOs and calling upon skills in our club to ascertain the viability.

I am in regular contact with a co pastor of Universal Church ( located close to Macassar Primary) in Macassar who works at Erinvale Golfclub . I had kept him abreast of the substance abuse project carried out by Mudita at the 2 High Schools there . Mid December 2018 he came to me with the question whether we , as Rotary , could contribute to the betterment of young people in Macassar at large . Evidently unemployment and especially also amongst youth is very high there also because the region lost some important industries over the past years ……clearly crime of all sorts is on the rise and creating a very negative socio economic environment .


He brought me in contact with an organisation called YWAP – Youth With A Purpose – a new ngo ( only active since 1 May2018 ) which has been designated and being empowered by the City of CT as an organisation to truly focus on jobless Youth as a basis for improving life in the community at large .


They have a skeleton leadership structure and work currently with some 20 jobless youth on a voluntary basis to provide support to adolescents in various areas like Business ( careere & info , recruitment , job placement , entrepreneurship ) , sport and cultural aspects , wellness ( eg referral to rehab for drug addiction ) and legal . In fact Mariska Williams from Mudita who is active at the schools has addressed this group of youngsters last year in an awareness workshop for substance abuse last year .


It is evident that the youth involved needs a lot of professional guidance in order to be able to support other youth in the areas described above .


As the main goal is to create employment one way or another through jobcreation , entrepreneurship etc I asked Lyn and Ken to form a small working team to make a first assessment of where and how Rotary could contribute meaningful in supporting that organisation and if not direct or on our own by joining forces with other professional organisations active in this field in S-A .


The working team met with the leadership and a number of the youth involved a couple of weeks ago and out of that came a first request to Lyn to give an inspirational ( interactive ) talk to some 30 person being adolescents and leaders of the ngo which she did last Friday Feb 1 .


In picture Lyn in this session with the group especially geared towards uplifting them in terms of selfesteem and making them think about their own purpose . In the meantime Lyn has been asked to do a follow up workshop for the enthousiastic audience .



Ton Houben