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HSRC was well represented at the 44th European Rotarian Golf Championships in



Graham and Bunty Money, Ton and Ria Houben and Carl-Heinz and Caroline Duisberg

joined the event. We were missing Norbert and Dany Orth as they had to withdraw due

to a lung infection which hit Norbert two days before the event.


The Championships were held from 24 to 28 September in Rimini which is a town on the

Mediterranean Sea with a population of 140,000 people which increases in summer time to

more than 1 million people due to the tourists from all over the world.


200 Rotarians and their partners from 17 countries (including Australia and South Africa) enjoyed

the fellowship, the golf competitions and, especially, the excellent Italian food. The Italian organizers

spoilt us with three evening functions (Welcome Evening, Rotarian Dinner and Gala Evening) and a

tour to Ravenna which was the former capital of the Roman Empire for a couple of hundred years.


We were visiting some of the churches which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site to see

the unique mosaics which stem from the 4th century (and later). The weather played his part as

the strong winds calmed down prior to the opening of the golf tournament.


Ria Houben won with an Italian player the 1. gross at the partners four-ball-competition and Carl-Heinz

the 1. gross in the 3rd division of Rotarian single competition.


Graham and Bunty were praised at the Gala Evening as they celebrated their 52nd anniversary there.


It was a wonderful event and we are looking forward to the next (world) championships which will be held in

Hamburg in the last week of May 2019.

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