Saturday 11 November.

The day a select few chose to meet PDG Sylvia Whitlock.
A promising dawn that turned into a beautiful day.

Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club was represented by three members, Nico Kooij, Robert and Julie Kydd. Nico's wife, Caroline was also there.
We all gathered in the shade under the magnificent trees next to one of the many ponds on Vergelegen Estate  sipping cool drinks while waiting for our special guest to arrive.

At just after 11.30 we all saw a few vehicles nearing. We waited with gentle excitement watching this tiny woman walking nearer. I was surprised as I had thought she would be a lot taller given all that I had heard about her.

What a lovely woman, so full of life , so full of laughter.
We all gathered round to hear PDG Sylvia speak about her joining the Rotary Club of Duarte and being a member as well as being a member of EX Rotary Club of Duarte.
While I am sure that the story has been told many times,  it was as though it was being told for the very first time.
PDG Sylvia sat in the shade patiently answering all the questions that came her way, often with a big twinkle in her eyes and her dry sense of humour was very much in evidence.
There were a few copies of her book "Women also Serve" available and I was lucky enough to get a signed copy. All proceeds from her book go to Foundation. 

After an extended photo session full of laughter we proceeded in to lunch.

Lunch was a relaxed meal where all present were reluctant to leave. The company was excellent with ages ranging from 28 to 82.
It was a memorable day for me and I am so proud of My Rotary Moment.

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