Youth Services is the channel through which Rotary engages young people, introducing them to the values of Rotary and encouraging community service alongside personal development. Helderberg Sunrise is very active in the field of Youth Services, which is structured as follows:

EarlyAct (Primary School)

EarlyAct clubs are formed at primary school level, usually at grade 6 or 7.  The clubs are managed by a 'champion' teacher but pupils are encouraged to manage their own projects as far as possible.  Examples of recent projects carried out by our EarlyAct clubs include recycling inititatives; school vegetable gardens; fundraising for Helderberg Stroke Support; winter clothing drives and stationery drives. There is opportunity for pupils in privaliged schools to work for the benefit of those in poorer communities.


Our EarlyAct clubs include the following:

  • Somerset House, Somerset West
  • Macassar Primary, Macassar
  • Oklahoma Primary, Macassar
  • The plan is to develop further clubs on an ongoing basis.


Interact (High School)

Interact is run at Senior School level, with membership open to all grades. The club is run by a managing committee of four - President; Vice President; Treasurer and Secretary - usually drawn from grades 11 and 12. Our Interact clubs are highly active and usually have a number of projects on the go each term.  Past projects include 'junk trunk' unwanted belongings collection; fundraising through cupcake sales; animal welfare; support for Rest Homes and Childrens' Homes.  Interact members also help Helderberg Sunrise with our own fundaising events, such as Voice of Rotary and Race Night. The relationship between our club and our Interactors is very strong and highly rewarding.


Current Interact Clubs include:

  • Somerset College, Somerset West
  • Parel Vallei High, Somerset West
  • Macassar High School, Macassar


Interact membership gives the opportunity for personal development through attending RYLA leadership camps, run by Rotary District twice a year.  Long and short term Exchanges are also available, giving young people the chance to live overseas for up to 12 months and experience a different culture through staying with Rotary families in the host country. In recent years our club has organised two long term outgoing exchanges (one to Brazil, one to Spain) and hosted one incoming student from Brazil.  A Spanish student will be hosted here during 2015 - 2016.


Rotaract (18 to 30 yr)

Rotaract Clubs are for 18 to 30 year olds with a focus on personal development, community service and the opportunity to network with like-minded people.  There is not currently a Rotaract Club in this area but a Helderberg Basin Rotaract Club is being planned as a joint initiative between Helderberg Sunrise and the other four Rotary clubs in the basin (Strand, Gordons Bay, Helderberg and Somerset West Rotary Clubs)

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Why not get more information about the vibrant Rotary Youth Services including e.g. toolkits to start and manage groups and even application forms visit the Rotary Youth Services by clicking here