Khomani SanKhomani San – Living in Peace Project

 50 Rotary Clubs from District 1800 in Germany raised USD 64,935, 3 Rotary Clubs from South Africa (Helderberg Sunrise, Northcliff and Upington) raised USD 5,127 and 3 Districts (1800, 9400 and 9350) raised USD 42,468. This has been matched by the Rotary International Foundation with USD 78,355. 

The German Government through its Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has matched this amount with another USD 572,727 for a total of USD 763,637 or Rand 7,560,000 (USD:ZAR = 1:9,90). 

The project is managed by the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) which is a South African NGO and was founded in 1997 by Dr Anton Rupert, Nelson Mandela and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

The project has a Steering Committee (SC) which comprises of five members, two Rotarians (the chairperson being from Helderberg Sunrise and the other Rotarian being from RC Northcliff), the project manager from PPF and two representatives from the Khomani San. 

The SC meets quarterly or at least three times a year to consider the progress made with the project and operational plan and attainment of the objectives set within these.


The determining objective of the project which will run for four years is to create peace for one of the first civilizations of modern man, the indigenous people of South Africa, the Khomani San (the estimates of their DNA range between 29,000 and 40,000 years). 

The project is designed to give the Khomani San a chance to live in peace, freedom, dignity and economic independence while retaining their traditional identity.

Sub-Project 1 

Khomani San Council capacity building (economic & community development)

Sub-Project 2

Development and Management of Khomani San Parks & Farms 

 Sub-Project 3

 Eco-Tourism Programme

 Sub-Project 4

 Basic education & vocational skills training