1. General. On Thursday 3 rd August 2017 a visit was made to Temperance Town Primary
School to assess the continuing impact of the Kagiso readers at the school. The visit team was
comprised of Jeremy Glover, Anna-Louise Coetzee and Robert and Julie Kydd.
2. Interview with the Principal. We met the Principal – Zay Windvogel – in her office first and
she invited the acting HOD Foundation phase – Ms B Bayer – to join us. We were well received
and expected. We had a 15 minute discussion about the effectiveness of the LFA scheme and it
was clear that the Principal had acquainted herself very well wrt the scheme since our visit in
July last year when she was new in the job and not fully briefed about LFA. The Principal made it
clear that she liked and supported the scheme, and this also became evident when we did our
subsequent classroom visits. The school has a daily feeding programme with support from the
3. Class Numbers. Grade 1: Grade R + 3 Classes
Grade 2: 3 Classes
Grade 3: 3 Classes

4. Classroom Visits. After our initial discussions with the Principal we split into 2 groups –
Jeremy and Anna-Louise, and Robert and Julie. Visits carried out were as follows:
4.1 Class 1A. Ms B Bayer. 38 in the class. The classroom, as with all the others, was neat and
tidy and workmanlike. She made various points, the most important one being that her learners
and she enjoyed the books. She also said that there is a wide variety of languages used as the
first language, so being able to have the books in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa is a great help.
She likes to use the books to help the children develop sentences and improve their vocabulary,
and she had no problem integrating them into the weekly curriculum. She uses them as often as
possible, but a minimum of twice a week, usually four times a week. She agreed that without
ANA tests, practical assessment of the value of the books is very hard to make. Most of her
learners are from Strand or Nomzamo and only a few from Temperance Town itself. The reason
for this is that TTPS is a fee paying school, although it was interesting to note that because of
this many of the learners do not turn up for the last week of term to save on taxi fares.
4.2 Class 1B. Klarissa. 40 in Class. Again the classroom was neat and tidy and the children very
well disciplined. Points made were the same, as was the standard of reading by the children. We
did hear some of the less able learners reading, especially amongst those who had not been to
Grade R. Although we felt that the visit had been well prepared and thought out, it was clear
that the children enjoyed the books and enjoyed reading from them.
4.3 Class 2B. Ms Nel. Visited by Robert and Julie who were both full of praise for what they
saw and listened to. No major problems.

4.4 Class 3A. Ms Meyer. Visited by Robert and Julie and the same observations as in para 4.3
5. Conclusion. This was a very positive visit and much more rewarding than the one made a
year earlier. The teachers were very positive, the LFA scheme much enjoyed and the reading was
good. As Zay said, the books are useful in more ways than just reading – they are good for
developing vocabulary, sentence construction and visual stimulus. This was an enjoyable and
rewarding visit.

August 2017

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During Donna's talk at our breakfast meeting she kindly shared a poem written by 10 to 11 year old children from disadvantaged communities

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Hi Robert and Julie

Hope you are both well. We see and hear that you are working very hard with your Rotary duties. We know that this is a labour of love for the two of you.

I am attaching a photo I took of Jim and Jeremy last night (one or two drinks under their belts). It is absolutely fabulous to see Jeremy again albeit such a short visit of a couple of days.

We hope to visit in March next year and will look forward to seeing you both again.

Our best regards

Chris and Jim

jeremy jim

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Message from The Netherlands

In the period August 24 to September 1 Mrs. Alison Carstens , CEO of The Mudita Foundation , partner of Rotary in the above mentioned project , visited , at her own initiative , The Netherlands to finalize the preparations for the visit of the Dutch VTT to Macassar in the first 2 weeks of October .

During this period she had a packed program including various meetings with the Dutch VTT members and visits to a number of leading Dutch institutions in the field of both policy making as well as prevention and treatment especially focused on Youth wherever possible . I had the privilige to organise and accompany her during this trip which included a visit to Kentra 24  (September 1 ) , an organisation focusing on both inpatient as well as outpatient support to youth in the substance abuse area in the Southern region of the country ( see photo with Alison second from left and flanked by Bibi Bressers , Youth Therapy Coordinator ( on her right ) and Irene Dijkstra ( Manager of Kentra 24 ) .

This trip turned out to be an important element in the final design of the VTT program as well as the contents for the various awareness and training sessions for a variety of stakeholders in this field in the Macassar community .

The Dutch VTT members and Alison are scheduled to attend the HSRC breakfast meeting on October 3 .

Kentra visit Sept 1 2017

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At the Breakfast meeting on Tuesday, PP Clive asked us to read an article from the August 2017 edition of Rotary Africa and see how we can "Make a Difference"

(To download the article, click the box in the top right hand corner)

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Making the Difference 135x135 2017

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