Reginald Abrahams (Reggie to us) from Macassar High School attended his final STEP (short term exchange programme) in Franschhoek this weekend (7-8 Oct) where he received his Rotary regalia and back pack.

This young man has faced several social challenges attending these camps but has come through them with aplomb and confidence.

We are still working on his trip as far as booking his tickets, getting necessary paperwork completed and visa applications.

I met up with Reggie on Tuesday to have a catch up session and he handed me his letter from Good Hope Play Centre in Macassar where he did 21 hours of community service to "earn" his phone which Aldo munificently donated to Reggie. (Letter attached).

On Thursday Reggie, Jossie (Reggie's mom) and I skyped with the Dutch hosts. This was an opportunity for Jossie to meet and see the people overseas who are going to be involved with Reggie during his stay in the Netherlands. It was a wonderfully warm and interactive session with Reggie doing a lot more talking and engaging than before - a sure sign that he is starting to feel more comfortable.

School starts on the 9th of October and Reggie will be focusing on his final exams as although he is only 17, he is already in Matric.

In December I am hoping to spend more time with Reggie and will be calling on our members to assist too with certain aspects of grooming and coaching him. He needs to put together a presentation of his life which he will need to use when visiting schools and other Rotary Clubs which I will be helping him with.

If any members have ideas on how to assist Reggie and better prepare him for his trip or have opportunities which could include Reggie and expose him to new situations please contact me.

In concluding I want to share what transpired on the way back from Franschhoek when Kirsten and I picked Reggie up - I suggested to Reggie that he ask Kirsten and I a few questions each to encourage him to get to know us better.

Here are some of the thought provoking questions he asked us : a) what is your motto in life? b) if you could chose between love or happiness, which would you chose? c) what was the most wonderful experience in your life and what was the worst? d) do you enjoy your job?

He then rapped his famous rap song for us and we were very impressed by the depth of the content of it - I have asked him to write it out for me - I am going to publish it - it is that good!

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Rotary Family Health Days were held on two days only , namely 4 and 5 October 2017 at Macassar New Civic Centre.  This was due to SASSA payouts on Friday 6th and the registration thereof on Tuesday 3rd.
The event was successful in spite of a few setbacks regarding some of the service providers and venue convenors
We were fortunate to receive various donations: 200 each test strips and lancets for blood sugar testing ( a member of our club), latex gloves and hand sanitiser (Lesley Wyma), 9 cartons of apples ( Tru Cape) , pens and notepads (Kirsten Peacey) and a voucher from Shoprite. These were over and above the cases of bottled water each site received from PenBev.

There was a total of 745 attendees, 260 on day one and 485 on day two.
Day one started off very slowly which was a pity for the VTT team from The Netherlands as they could not interact with many people (56) before they left to attend other sessions scheduled for the afternoon. Day two was much better for them (146) and they were very pleased with the interactions they had.

Of the tests perfromed by the various people the following are worth noting:
Pregnancy tests performed : 21 of which one was positive
HIV tests performed: 49 of which 23 were for the first time
Pap smears performed: 21 which is very good news as this is a test that has a long waiting list at the clinics.
TB tests performed: 49
Number of reading glasses issued was 205 

On day two there was an attendee with a blood pressure reading of 236 over 142. That reading was so high that the Sister on duty rushed the woman to the day hospital immediately. A highlight of day two was a gentleman that received a pair of reading glasses and was so thrilled that he could read as well as choosing the design of the reading glasses.
See the photos below. 
A big Thank You to all that helped on the two days: Brian, Bridgett, Clive, Dave, Gavin, Casper, Ton,Jo, Tracey, Lesley, Tessa, Sharyn, Robert and Robert Adcock from Strand Rotary Club and Ko Dekker from the Netherlands. 
Without your help and support this event could not have been a success.

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RI President Ian Riseley doing his part of  his One Tree per Member Challenge at The Company Gardens Cape Town 20 September 2017


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Dear Bridgett,

Thank you for the invite and having me this morning. Below some info on our projects and links to the documentary and website for Game for Humanity


Prior to proposing the following initiatives, I would like to elaborate mildly on the current status of Dare to Share. Since inception in 2012, we have fed over 800 000 meals and supported over 30 registered organizations in the Western Cape, in sectors ranging from orphanages, centers for abused woman and children, animal shelters, children with terminal illnesses and trying to create solutions to reintegrate the homeless back into society responsibly.


At this stage we have initiated various projects to be assisted along with sustainable funding in order for us to maintain the assistance we are able to offer our beneficiaries.




Any restaurants can partake! They add a R5 button onto their POS (Point of Sale) system and R5 is added on to every bill. The money accumulated does not affect their turnover or bottom line and is rather a direct donation made by the patron. These funds are tallied and donated to Dare to Share every month end resulting in a fund which is able to feed less fortunate families. For R2200, we are able to feed a family of 4 for a month. We are also able to issue venues with an 18A certificate for which they may claim back tax




Dare to Share have conceptualized a bag full of goodies to assist a homeless person make it through the rough Cape winters. This bag comprises of the following products: a blanket, pair of socks, gloves, tin opener, 2 tins of food, a large packet of soup, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, biscuits and a fruit. The physical cost to us is R148 and we sell these bags on to the public for R150. We could run this campaign along with any corporates' CSI project, media partners or radio stations for their listeners to join in and be part of positive change. For the purpose of pricing, we could work on a bag for either R100 or R50 to access a larger audience with budget for a cheaper bag. Similar to what SmileFM recently hosted for The Haven shelter, listeners could donate R12 a bed (cost of a bed per evening per person) through Quicket and over 74 000 donations were made in 10 days, an incredibly successful campaign!!




This is too run on donations of R50 which allows us to either cook or buy a very special meal for occupants of various old aged homes who are more often than not forgotten. Many of these individuals receive R1170 a month subsidy from government of which 90% is absorbed by the home to cover overheads. Then R117 is left for the individual to purchase their little luxuries. We make an effort to visit the homes, chat to them, play bingo and do crosswords, paint the ladies nails and handover magazines after providing a warm meal of restaurant quality standards. The outcome is always tears of joy as some of the elderly have not had guests in almost 4yrs. All in all, we require funding to allow us to continue with this initiative




Over the years we have been looking for a convenient, cost effective and fulfilling way to help the less fortunate in terms of feeding or providing meals for them. We worked with food analysts and have finally developed a product called a "Yummy Meal". These meals are pre packed in plastic parcels and contain primarily vegetable soy, rice and dried vegetables which are nutritionally beneficial to the individuals who may consume them.

With over 20g protein and 55g carbs per 100g serving, we feel we have covered the primary contributors for a balanced diet. The contents are added to boiling water and is ready to serve in 25min. The Yummy Meals are available to the public to purchase at a price of R20 and comfortably feed a family of 4. We hope for corporates and individuals to purchase these bags and handout at will to people residing on the streets instead of irresponsibly handing over money which only attributes to lives of zero responsibility. Sponsored food parcels can also be donated to feeding programs based is South Africa, Africa or abroad

Links to Walk the Walk "Life on the Streets"

2min EPK

14min Documentary

Link to Game for Humanity

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Dear Jeremy, Dave and Ton

I joined the Board meeting of the Carl-Duisberg-Foundation for International Education
and Development (CDF) on 6 September and gave the members a report about LFA and
Numeracy which has been sponsored by CDF for a couple of years.

DaveĀ“s email regarding the results of Macassar Primary School which reached me in
Canada, and in which he pointed out that the average pass rate at Macassar has increased
from 62 to 92% since implementing LFA, encouraged them to further increase their support.

Their previous commitment was:

LFA Euro 0.00 (2018) 5,000 (2019)

Numeracy Euro 10,000 (2018) 5,000 (2019)

The new one is:

LFA Euro 10,000 (2018) 10,000 (2019) 10,000 (2020)*

Numeracy Euro 10,000 (2018) 10,000 (2019) 0.00*

*We can use the funds in 2020 for both projects and are also flexible to swap the
above mentioned funds in 2018 and 2019 between LFA and Numeracy as we need them.

In conclusion: CDF will give us Euro 30,000 more than they have committed last year,
i.e. instead of Euro 20,000 for 2018 and 2019 we will get Euro 50,000 for 2018-2020.

I do hope this will further strengthen our projects in the years to come.

Many thanks for your dedication and commitment which makes it easy for me to convince
our donors.

Kind regards

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